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Victoria has been volunteering for animal rescues, socializing, and fostering cats for 10+ years, including special needs cats. In addition to her feline expertise, she has an in-depth background in Risk Management, specifically for medical devices, including animal sciences, for 8 years at Pfizer. She received a double bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Victoria is always continuing to educate herself on proper training and handling techniques to provide animals with the best care and a safe environment to thrive in, as well as being a mentor for feline fosters, volunteers, and adopters.

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Bobi graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Political Science in 1990 and earned a post-graduate paralegal certification. Bobi has an extensive background in administration due to being a law firm paralegal, then later became a lead supervisor for the Federal Appellate Court in Chicago for almost 20 years. She was co-founder, director, and foster for a previous dog and cat rescue before embarking on High Tails. She is also a professional dog trainer and her wide range of expertise encompasses obedience with puppies to dogs in need of intensive behavioral rehabilitation. Bobi is the co-head trainer and aims to transform dogs by teaching fosters, volunteers, and adopters training and handling techniques based on fear-free and positive-reinforcement philosophies. 

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Angie graduated from Cosmetology and Spa Academy in Schaumburg in 2015. She is the founder and owner of her own business, Beauty By Angie Inc., as a professional makeup artist and lash technician, and is part of an established bridal makeup team. Since a young age, she has been rescuing all types of animals from cats, to dogs, to birds. In the past, Angie volunteered at local dog and cat rescues for over five years to gain experience in the field, and is working towards expanding her professional dog training career by assisting in training with High Tails. In the time spent volunteering at local rescues, she has become well known for her fundraising successes within the rescue community.


Lauren served as an advisory board member, social media manager, and assisting dog trainer for previous rescues. This opportunity allowed her to find her passion for animal rescue and developed a niche in digital marketing. At the young age of 14 and under the mentorship of two dog trainers, she discovered her knack for training from basic obedience to specializing in behavioral modification for severe aggression cases. Lauren is the co-head trainer with the goal to transform dogs by teaching fosters, volunteers, and adopters training and handling techniques based on fear-free and positive-reinforcement philosophies. Alongside her position at High Tails, she is actively pursuing her Pre-Law undergraduate degree.

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